Faucet Hub (FH) can be described as a platform in which the initial payments or withdrawals of different faucets supported by this platform converge. In this way, we can accumulate micropayments of each of these faucets in one place. At the moment of withdraw what was claimed, we must go to the FH platform to ask to be deposited at our address. The mechanism is as follows:


1. We create an account in Faucet Hub following this link.


2. We add our addresses corresponding to each of the cryptocoins supported by FH (up to date: Bitcoin, Blackcoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Peercoin, Primecoin) from our virtual wallet/s.

What is Faucet Hub?

Many true faucets in one place...

3.  Once we have loaded our cryptocoin addresses in FH we can go to the FH section of Faucet Navigator. There you will find the best faucets that are currently paying, and they have the best micropayment/time ratio (example: for bitcoin, it is the amount of satoshis that pay per minute). These faucets are updated weekly in the app (internal update, does not required external updating or reinstallation of the app).


4. Finally, in each of the FH faucet that we select, we must enter. the same address we have loaded in FH and follow the steps to claim our micropayment, which finally will be credited to your FH account. As an example, you can see a tutorial in images following this link.